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ThreeFold Media

Guiding You and Your Business to Greater Success

At ThreeFold Media we can help you bring your company into the 21st century. We specialize in several types of New Media including Video Production optimized for Web and Broadcast, 360° Virtual Tours, Web Design and Aerial Videography and Photography. We can also help facilitate your Brand Awareness Social Media marketing and Branding/Rebranding needs.

Web Design

From the simple to the complex ThreeFold can meet your web deign needs. With creative, 100% responsive websites.

4D Virtual Explorer

Our 4D Virtual Explorer is a one of a kind 360° experience that far exceeds your standard virtual tour.

Video Production

Be it commercial, web, short-film or aerial, TheeFold can handle your Video Production needs.

New Media

Now more then ever, technology is changing the way people do business. This is especially true for the media industry as we enter a new era of IP based distribution and streaming that allows us to go far beyond anything that we ever thought possible. A few of todays New Media platforms include Websites, 360° interactive video, virtual reality through your smart phone and Aerial videography using UAVs to take us to places yet unachievable with conventional production. Here at ThreeFold Media we recognize that these new technologies can be a powerful new tool for your business to connect with people local and all around the world and it is our goal to help usher your business into the age of New Media and connect with people in ways you never imagined.


Panoramas Made


Videos Made


UAVs Built


Websites Built