4D Explorer

Our 4D Virtual Explorer is perhaps one one the best marketing tools available today. What separates our 4D Virtual Explorer from the common 3D tour is that we can inject almost all of your current online based media into the tour itself including Video, Photos, Music, and even YOU. With our Live Pano feature you can be the tour guide allowing you to connect with potential clients on a more personal basis. We now offer our 4D Explorer in the air so now your customers can get a complete feel for the lay of the land. Perfect for Concert Venues, District based Exploration and much more.

4D Virtual Explorer | Our Office

Prosperity Junction | ThreeFold Media 4D Virtual Explorer

NetStorm: Western Ave | ThreeFold Media 4D Explorer

The Palace and Chateau |  4D Virtual Explorer

 4D Virtual Explorer  |  Real Estate

Big Creek Events Tour | 4D Explorer

WYG | ThreeFold Media 4D Explorer

4D Explorer Details

Options To Fit All Budgets

The ThreeFold Media 4D Explorer is priced on a per panorama basis. In other words, each individual 360 degree viewpoint is $120. We host the tours on our secure server and provide our customers with a link that can be embedded on a website and/or sent out in an email or text message.

We have the process of shooting the desired location and constructing the tour down to a fine science. A panorama takes only about five minutes to shoot, and can be done with customers in the store or space. That means you don't have to close down or completely control the environment to have a tour built!

Please check out some of our tours above and feel free to hit up our contact page with any questions or concerns!

  • 4D Explorer Pricing

  • $120
    Per Panorama
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Gyroscopic Mobile
  • Navigational Hotspots
  • Photo Album Insertion + $10
  • Video Insertion + $20
  • Directional Sound + $10
  • LivePano + $200
  • Aerial Panorama $500