SID Presentation Page

Shaft Inspection Device


HD Footage

1080p HD Video to verify shaft integrity.

HD Live Feed

A HD live feed for quick inspection and verification.

Organization and labeling

We organize and label the footage into easy to access clips.

Mail Service

We will mail a labeled USB to ODOT with the job name and the cut and organized footage.

Backup and Archiving

We backup and archive SID footage so it is safe and available.

Concise Edits

We cut the clips onsite to ensure clear and concise video for future reference.

ODOT SID Schematic

3FM SID Illustration

SID Schematic + Mods

Bulkhead Connector Diagram

GoPro Hero 3 Black

SID Field Pics (7)

SID Field Pics (6)

IMG_5987 alt2

IMG_6826 alt2

SID Field Pics (5)

SID Field Pics (2)

SID Field Pic (1)


In-Line Bulkhead Connectors


Hand Bell


We are available on short notice and can be anywhere in Oklahoma with 12 hours notice.


We maintain a high degree of knowledge of the technology and construction industry and are able to provide you with dependable economical service.

Custom Industrial Cabling

We employ custom made industrial cables and connectors for reliable field performance.

Wireless Capabilities

We maintain the ability to go wireless in certain SID situations.

360° Aerial Panorama